Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Favourite Beauty Bloggers/YouTubers

A lot of the inspiration to start up this blog came from watching YouTube videos and reading blog posts from other bloggers and YouTubers. While I'm not yet brave enough to post videos, I am super glad I decided to start my blog! I have learned pretty much everything I know about makeup and beauty from these blogs and videos, and their recommendations on many products have led me to find many holy grail items. While i do watch and read a lot of different people, these are my favourites that I always need to keep up to date with. It's nice because I not only learn about beauty, but they also post lifestyle, DIY, and other posts that I love as well! I hope that if you haven't checked these ladies out that you will click on their info. I'll bet you love them as much as I do!

 Sam - SamanthaSchuerman

I have to start off by mentioning Sam. She makes some of my favourite videos on YouTube and I love her blog! Sam does great tutorials, hauls, and all kinds of videos. Some of my favourite videos she posts are her 'weekly favs and fails.' It seems like every time I watch one of Sam's videos I end up with a list of things I need to buy! Sam also has a mommy channel, and a daily vlog channel. She is super consistent at posting videos and I feel like she is honest with her opinions. She's definitely saved me from buying some products that I probably would not have liked! I have watched her videos for years, I remember her pregnancy vlogs with Phoenix, and now she has Lily too! It really surprises me that Sam doesn't have more subscribers than she does because I think she deserves it!

Louise - SprinkleOfGlitter

 I only discovered Louise a year or so ago, and I am so glad I did. She is one of my favourite people to watch on YouTube and her videos can always seem to cheer me up. She not only gives great beauty and fashion tips, but she is absolutely hilarious. One of my favourite videos of her's is How to Look Average. I have watched it many times just because it makes my day. Louise also does great vlogs, DIYs, and videos with her adorable daughter Darcy. I am pretty close in age with Louise so I think that makes it easy to relate to her. I love her videos and look forward to them popping up in my subscription feed.

Elle - AllThatGlitters21
Elle was one of the first 'Beauty Gurus' that I ever watched on YouTube. We were in college around the same time, and i felt like I could really relate to her. I love her bubbly personality and find that we have a lot of the same tastes in products. She also does a series called 'Glitteratures' with book reviews which i LOVE as I am a big reader. I have found a lot of great books through Elle over the years! Elle also does really great haul videos and has introduced me to so many great products. Whether it be a beauty video, a haul, a decorating video, or a vlog, I always make time to catch up on her videos.

Do you have any beauty bloggers or YouTubers that you recommend? Let me know, I'd love to check them out!

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